Leghorn hen

Behavior and character
The Leghorn is an intelligent and resourceful hen who will find much of her food if given space. It is a very active bird that likes to rummage. Unlike most hens, many Leghorns are good flyers and will roost in trees if given a chance. However, this hen also tends to be noisy, so it’s not the ideal breed for an urban garden or in a housing estate.

Although they tolerate confinement, try to provide them with plenty of space and things to do, as they can get bored quickly. The Leghorn also suffers from a tight hen reputation, but this varies from strain to strain. They often stay away from human contact and may flee when you enter the coop. It is not the perfect companion to play with your children. If you adopt your hens young, they are more likely to be less frightened of humans but don’t expect to make them affectionate companion hens.

It isn’t easy to generalize the behavior of a breed that has so many different varieties. The best way to judge what your chicks will turn into is to see the parents (if possible) or ask the seller their temperament.

Roosters are very active, but they are not aggressive. Although, again, there are always exceptions to the rule!

Miniature Leghorns tend to be more docile than their larger namesakes.

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