We rarely choose a snake at random. It engages over several years or even a few decades for those with excellent longevity. Snakes are hardly endearing. They are easily manipulated after a relatively quick taming. Species like Royal Python, Boa Constrictor, and Corn Snake are not dangerous to humans and are perfect for novice breeders. They also require almost no maintenance except to ensure good conditions (temperature of the terrarium, humidity, etc.). Finally, there is nothing easier than a snake in terms of food. Their diet consists exclusively of rodents.
The snake appeared about 150 million years ago. Contrary to popular belief, they are rather shy towards humans and attack above all to defend themselves. There are only 10% poisonous snakes out of more than 3,000 species. There are aquatic snakes in freshwater like anacondas and seawater. The majority is, however, very terrestrial. They mainly inhabit the warm and temperate regions of the planet.

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